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The Role of the Fractional CMO with Alison Murdock

September 28, 2023 Firebrand Episode 3
FiredUp! - The Startup Marketing Podcast
The Role of the Fractional CMO with Alison Murdock
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In many cases, fractional CMOs come into play when a CMO leaves a company and there is a gap to fill for someone that can continue leading the team and directing the strategy. The roles and responsibilities of a fractional CMO largely depend on the needs of a company and although intended to be a temporary fill, often lead to companies adopting a new structure with just a fractional CMO in place. Today, Alison Murdock of Trusted CMO is here to share the unique outsider perspective a Fractional CMO can bring to a business. This week, episode 03 of the Fired Up! Podcast is about the role of the Fractional CMO!

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In this episode of the Fired Up! Podcast, Alison Murdock shares what a Fractional CMO is, why they may be appealing to a startup in particular, and when a company might consider bringing one into their business.  

Alison Murdock is the founder and Chief Marketer of Trusted CMO, offering startup and growth-stage company teams the marketing resources, experience, and talent to make a greater impact on their business.

Alison, Morgan, and Ian discuss:

  • KPIs that a startup should consider when hiring a fractional CMO.
  • The 3 core positions that need to be in place for B2B marketing and the order in which to hire.
  • What Alison learned early in her marketing career with companies like 6sense and Firstup that carried into the development of her own company.
  • Areas in your marketing budget you can cut and areas you should hone in on and invest in.

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Alison Murdock on the Outsider Perspective of a Fractional CMO
Marketing budget cuts and strategy adjustments in startups and enterprises.
Fractional CMOs and their role in supporting startups.
Marketing strategies and KPIs for startups
Marketing structure and KPIs for early-stage companies.
Marketing lessons learned from her early days in her marketing career.
Marketing strategies and trends in a recession.