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Structuring your Marketing Team with Thomas Been

October 19, 2023 Morgan McLintic Episode 6
FiredUp! - The Startup Marketing Podcast
Structuring your Marketing Team with Thomas Been
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Building and managing a marketing team for a late-stage private company is a high wire act. It takes a skilled marketer to conceive and manage campaigns that project the energy and ambition of a startup and the maturity of an established brand. Today, Thomas Been, CMO at Domino Data Lab provides valuable advice for early-stage marketers on building an adaptable organization that keeps up with the times. This week, episode 06 of the FiredUp! podcast is about structuring your marketing team!

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In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Thomas Been shares the vital pillars of your marketing team and actionable steps you can take right now to structure your marketing team early on and allow it to grow alongside your business growth. 

Thomas is a seasoned marketing executive with global experience building and managing marketing teams that establish brand awareness/market leadership and contribute to revenue. He has held technical and sales roles, though marketing has taught him the importance of alignment across functions. For Thomas, marketing affords him the opportunity to learn and leverage two primary interests: the transformative power of technology, as well as customer experience and interactions. He is a US resident with a French passport and a global perspective that drives his work to impact organizations, build effective marketing teams, and continue learning.

Thomas, Morgan, and Chris discuss:

  • Structuring a marketing team to “do more with less” in a late stage private company.
  • The evolution of marketing roles as the economic landscape develops over time.
  • Where marketing starts and ends (or perhaps, never ends).
  • Leveraging customer stories in all areas of your marketing strategy. 
  • Knowing when it is time to hire someone to manage communications full-time.
  • Where AI has an impact on marketing and where it still falls short. 

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Structuring your Marketing Team with Thomas Been
Marketing leadership challenges in a rapidly changing industry.
The importance of thought leadership in marketing.
Leveraging customer stories for PR and brand establishment.
AI in marketing, its impact, and creative uses.
AI's impact on marketing and organizational growth.
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