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All About Attribution with Jamie Hallitt

October 26, 2023 Morgan McLintic Episode 7
FiredUp! - The Startup Marketing Podcast
All About Attribution with Jamie Hallitt
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Attribution tools help us provide a complete picture of the customer journey and the precise touchpoints that lead to sales. On episode 07 of the FiredUp! podcast, Jamie Hallitt, Head of Growth at Ruler Analytics shares how using attribution can help us quantify the success or failure of our marketing efforts. 

Download A Startup’s Guide to Attribution. Learn how to track the performance of each of your marketing channels and see how they influence lead conversion. 

In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Jamie Hallitt shares how attribution helps companies understand the direct revenue-generating impact from their marketing channels and actionable steps you can take right now to this insight and data to tweak your strategy and make informed marketing decisions.

Jamie is Head of Growth at Ruler Analytics; a marketing attribution and measurement platform. He has been in and around B2B marketing for 13 years, working agency-side with some of the largest tech companies in the world, client-side for PE-funded scale-ups & professional services firms, and freelance for a healthy mix of SMEs and agencies. His current role at Ruler Analytics spans Marketing, Sales, and Partnerships giving him the ability to lean into all areas of his expertise. At Ruler Analytics, they are obsessed with providing marketers with meaningful insights to help them make better data-informed decisions. 

Jamie, Morgan, and Nicole discuss:

  • What an attribution report can inform you about your marketing efforts. 
  • Why companies often struggle with marketing attribution.
  • The valuable investment attribution is for startups where every penny counts.
  • Attribution’s continued role even after the sale is made.   
  • Unpacking the different types of attribution tools and the advantages of each depending on your sales cycle.  

Do your research. It is important to find the right attribution tool to offer you the right solution for how you plan to use the data. 

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Using Attribution to Quantify Your Marketing Efforts with Jamie Hallitt
Marketing attribution challenges and solutions.
Marketing attribution’s importance in startups at any stage.
The value of attribution reports in understanding content strategy and shortening sales cycles.
Marketing attribution models and their uses.
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